Jake Paul taunts Conor McGregor after his UFC defeat

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January 26, 2021
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Jake Paul is dropping his financial offering to MMA legend Conor McGregor for a potential boxing bout after Dustin Poirier brutally knocked McGregor out at UFC 257 on Saturday night.

Paul, a YouTuber turned boxer, had a great laugh out of the ordeal and said across his social media accounts he was cutting his $50 million fight offer to barely nothing comparatively.

Paul laughs at McGregor’s UFC 257 TKO Paul took to Instagram to laugh at the fighter for his knockout by Poirier at 2:32 of the second round. He said he would drop his offer of $50 million, which he made on Dec. 14 to urge a fight onto the schedule, to a mere $10,000.

He made the same call on YouTube since McGregor is “a ‘fighter’ and I’m a ‘YouTube kid,’” referencing an interview McGregor did with BT Sport earlier this week.

Paul said he’ll return to the ring April 17 in what was “supposed to be McGregor” as his opponent. An opponent for that has not been announced. He only made the fight public knowledge on Wednesday.

Paul, 23, has no remorse for his actions, insisting insulting the mother of McGregor’s two children - who is pregnant with their third child - is not off-limits.

He told ESPN: “I wanted to piss him off. You know? I wanted to make a lot of noise, and I wanted it to become personal right away because I truly believe I can beat Conor McGregor.

“And people don’t want to watch a fight where everyone’s going in there being like, ‘Hey, buddy, good luck tomorrow!’

“That’s not the type of fighter I am. If we’re going to go into a fight, no like, I’m going to destroy you, and anyone you’re affiliated with is a part of the wrath and can be attacked.”


Paul insists his comments were fair game when considering McGregor’s previous taunts about the wife of his bitter rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, who he tweeted a picture of and called a ‘towel’.

He added: “McGregor’s done it. McGregor has attacked Khabib’s wife, Khabib’s religion, thrown chairs at people.

“Like, this is the fight business. If people are gonna get offended, then get the f**k over and choose a different sport. Go do gymnastics.”

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