5 best Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update mods in 2021

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January 28, 2021
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With the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update around the corner, players are waiting for its release.

Expected to come out sometime during the summer of 2021, the new update will have so many new game-changing features the community is excited to play around with. However, some players couldn’t wait such a long time and have developed their own versions of the unreleased content for others to download as mods.

These mods vary from the smaller aspects of the new content, like singular new mobs or biomes, all the way to making a modded variation of all known content involved in this upcoming update.

#5 — Mooblooms Mod


This simple mod adds the Moobloom mob and all of its variants into the game.

Unfortunately, the Moobloom mob did not win the 2020 Mob Vote released by Mojang, despite being a perfect addition for every cute farm or base. This Minecraft mod provides players with access to each of the Mooblooms, found in their corresponding biomes. Players can work to find and collect each of these adorable, colorful cows in their world.

This is a really simple mod, but any player looking for a cute addition to their Minecraft world should consider it.

Download here

#4 — Lush Caves and Axolotls Mod


The Lush Caves and Axolotls Mod for Minecraft allows players to have a community-made sneak peek into how Lush Caverns and Axolotls will look in their game.

This mod develops really cute and overgrown areas underneath the world’s surface, marked by an azalea tree at the top of the world, for players to explore.

The axolotls included in this mod are similar to the Minecraft 1.17 axolotls: they work similarly, have the same textures, and can be tamed in the same way.

Overall, this mod is perfect for players looking for a preview of the upcoming update without experiencing everything to come.

Download here

#3 — Warden Mob Recreation Mod


The Warden Mob Recreation Mod brings the Warden mob, the newest and most ferocious mob coming to Minecraft this summer.

This blind mob with the strength to kill a player in netherite with only two hits is highly anticipated, and this mod allows players to have a head start in learning how to battle and kill this mob.

The game developers have said this mob should be avoided and eluded rather than battled due to its intense strength.

However, players can take this time before the release of the game to look into what it does take to defeat one of these beasts, purely for boasting and being victorious.

Download here

#2 — That Future Mod


That Future Mod is a fantastic mod that encompasses everything that has been revealed to be added in the summer 1.17 release.

This update has everything from the new biomes and mobs to the generated structures, items, and even game-changing functions added to Minecraft with this upcoming update.

This mod gives players the chance to experience the new update six or more months earlier than anticipated. It’s an amazing mod that keeps getting updated with every new piece of information leaked by the Mojang developers, so it’s worth a download.

Download here

#1 — Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Mod


The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Mod is the best way for players to immerse themselves entirely in the Minecraft 1.17 update.

This mod literally has everything known about this upcoming update, containing every single block, item, mob, biome, and even forthcoming game rules involved in this mod’s coding.

This is the ultimate download for players who just cannot wait for this next update, and it’s highly recommended for players wanting to be masters of Minecraft the moment this new update comes out.

Download here


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